Towers of Ashgard Development week 2

Well after the changes we made with the first verison we had some very diffrent feedback. To start off no one could tell we had any arcane cards anymore so the power levels went down substantially. Sadly this had an unwanted effect  of making the game BORING!!!.

Seriously it only took me two turns to be bored of the game and it only took all the other play testers 2 games to be completely bored. We will work at testing and refining the mechanics once again and post the results next week.

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Jonathan Greene

CEO FuzzwallupgamesLLC


Towers of Ashgard Development week1

Well today we started work on developing two new games. One being Towers of Ashgard which is a fast paced tower construction card game so that is what this first post is going to be about.

To start things off I started building the design and putting in the details and rules of how the game will play. After this was done i went about creating the cards. For this game I needed 55 cards. To try to minimize the time it took to create the cards i tried creating a template out of cardboard. Let me just say this was a bad idea it was very hard to cut with the box cutter and scratched my nice desk. :*(  However after creating the cards one by one i noticed that i really did not have to make them look so good for the first draft. They did not have any pictures on them and just had the basic stats and name of the card. Despite the fact they looked horrible we played about 7 times over the course of about a hour. I learned a lot about the games balancing in this session and have to say everyone had fun and good reviews. The only bad thing I noticed was that the arcane magic cards are far to over powered and if someone drew one you had no chance of coming back from that. Overall a great first round of gameplay and I can’t wait for results of tonight’s tweaked gameplay to see how much better or worse it got.

Last i want to say i will shortly post a list of all cards available in the deck in case anyone wants to have their art featured in the game. Just pick a card create the art and we will put that artwork in the deck as long as it is of acceptable quality and not to offensive.  This blog will get a new update every Friday on the development of the games at FuzzwallupGamesLLC

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